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Introducing OMRON’s i4H SCARA Robot Series

Achieve more by seamlessly integrating the robust i4H into your production line today. Unique features enable OMRON’s latest SCARA line to meet today’s demands of mass customization. It also allows manufacturers to produce high mixes of products at low volume which provide a wider array of goods to people.

Key features:
15 kg payload capacity − 650, 750, 850mm reach options − Standard & Long Quill lengths − Visual display on base − Health lighting indicators


Robot arms, robot controllers and vision systems
for flexible production lines.

  • MELFA RH-CH Series

    Upto 700mm, 6kg Payload

  • MELFA CRH Series

    Upto 700mm, 6kg Payload

  • MELFA RH-FR Series

    Upto 1000mm Reach, 20kg Payload

  • MELFA RH-F Series

    Upto 1000mm Reach, 20kg Payload

  • Cobra 350 Series

    Upto 350mm Reach, 5kg Payload

  • eCobra 600 Series

    Upto 600mm Reach, 5.5kg Payload

  • eCobra 800 Series

    Upto 800mm Reach, 5.5kg Payload

  • i4L Series

    Upto 450mm reach, 5kg Payload

  • i4H Series

    Upto 850mm reach, 15kg Payload

  • eCobra 800 Inverted Series

    Upto 800mm Reach, 5.5kg Payload


    Upto 350mm Reach, 3kg Payload

  • Hornet 565 Series

    Working Dia. 1130mm, upto 8kg

  • Quattro 650H / HS Series

    Working Dia. 1300mm, upto 15kg

  • Quattro 800H / HS Series

    Working Dia. 1600mm, upto 10kg

  • Viper 650 Series

    Upto 653mm Reach, 5kg Payload

  • Viper 850 Series

    Upto 855mm Reach, 5kg Payload

  • MELFA RV-F Series

    Upto 2050mm Reach, 20kg Payload

  • MELFA RV-FR Series

    Upto 1503mm Reach, 20kg Payload

  • MELFA RV-CR Series

    Upto 931mm Reach, 8kg Payload

  • TM Series

    Upto 1300mm Reach, 14kg Payload


    Upto 910mm Reach, 5kg Payload

  • LD Series

    Upto 250kg Payload, AGVs

  • HD Series

    Upto 1500kg Payload, AIVs

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