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Smart Cameras
Ultimate flexibility to fit ever-changing production scene
Color Fiber Amplifier Units
Smart fiber amplifier units with white leds. high color discrimination capability with the same easy operation as previous fiber amplifier units. existing general-purpose fiber units can be connected.
Picking Sensors
Compact, resistant to mutual interference, and ideal for picking a variety of parts
MELSEC Q Controller & Modules Overview
Current production requirements are calling for an increase in productivity and carrying out production processes even faster due to an increase in production information such as production results and traceability. The MELSEC-Q series programmable controller "Universal model QnU" is a leader for these market needs. High-speed basic instruction processing on a micro scale dramatically increases your system and machine performance. Inheriting the high robust and ease of use design of the Q Series, the MELSEC QnU programmable controller will open up new possibilities in automation solutions.
Door side sensors
The ADS-SE1/2 series automatic door side sensors are through-beam type sensor system with a dedicated controller. The sensors feature long sensing distances up to 10 m and provides stable detection even in high ambient lighting, up to 100,000 lux. Connection between sensor and controller is made easy with push-to-connect wiring and one-touch automatic sensitivity adjustment function is included for convenient set up. The ADS-SE1/2 series controllers are also 20% smaller than the previous ADS-SE models.
Square, Non Lighted, Non Flush, Knob Type Selector Switches
The S16SR series selector switches are ideal for installation in compact-sized equipment and panels. The 16 mm installation hole size, 29.5 mm protruding rear-length, and independent detachable contacts allow flexible installation in limited spaces. The S16SR series is available in round, square, and rectangular head types with red, blue, green, yellow, and white color options. 2-position (spring return/maintained) or 3-position (two-way spring return/right spring return/left spring return/maintained) control is possible depending on the model type.
Detachable Heatsink SSRs
The single phase solid state relays SR1 series feature compact, universal designs for flexible installation and detachable heatsinks for easier maintenance or replacement. The high dielectric strength of 4000 VAC provides durable and reliable performance in various applications, including heater loads, semiconductor equipment, and motor control.
Refrigerator Temperature Controllers
Refrigeration temperature controller TC3YF series is high reliability temperature controller to protect the object inside the chillers via compressor output so that compressor operation cycle and ON ratio can be set even if errors occurs. This series also prevents loss of frozen efficiency with defrost function to remove frozen ice or frost in the freezer, and increases the efficiency of frozen through various delay time setting.
Electric Actuators
Electrical Rotary Actuators
Electric Actuators
Electrical screw jack actuator
Electric Actuators
Electro mechanical linear actuators
Electric Actuators
Electric Linear Actuators