Application Case Studies

product sortation and placement
▶ A Smarter, Efficient Approach Towards Product Sortation & Placement
Having 100% accuracy & repeatability in product sortation and placement is the key to line efficiency. Discover OMRON Robotic Automation Solution.
▶ Boost Liquid Transfer Speed With Vibration Suppression Technology
Increasing machine speed for Liquid Transfer can help to speed up production cycle. Learn how you can achieve Zero Spillage, Maximum Productivity today.
▶ Creating A Safer Workplace, Without Compromising On Productivity
Have you considered how safe is your workplace that uses machines with moving parts? There’s more to safety than simply installing a guard. If properly assessed and implemented, safety can enhance productivity and increase the company’s bottom line. Leverage on our machine safeguarding expertise to create a customised safety solution today.
reduce component stoppages due to component failures
▶ Reduce Component Stoppages Due To Component Failures
Did you know that approximately 30% of unexpected component failures are caused by Cutting Oil? This often leads to production stoppages and downtime. Discover how you can protect your components against Cutting Oil for up to 4 years and perform production demands efficiently with OMRON Oil Resistant Sensors.
▶ Overcoming Human Safety Risk When Operating With CNC Machines
A single accident can bring about damaging consequences to a plant, such as production stoppages, psychological harm and legal compensation. OMRON Safety Light Curtain effectively prevents accidents from occurring when working with CNC Machines. Learn how to create a safer working environment today.
▶ Meeting Demands For Quality And Diversified Packaging Needs
Having an efficient packaging line that optimizes production starts with designing it right. OMRON Packaging Machine Control Solutions are designed to help Machine Makers maximize equipment effectiveness and accelerate machine design to drive manufacturing efficiency for manufacturers. Discover how you can increase operational efficiency for your business today.
reduce component stoppages due to component failures
▶ Transforming Manufacturing And Logistics Industries With Mobile Robot Solution
Designed to dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations, our mobile robots automate the most demanding yet repetitive 24/7 tasks. This drastically reduces manual labour work and allows your employees to be more efficient, focusing on higher-level tasks that require more complex human skills.
▶ Innovation In Control Panel Solutions Revolutionise The Way You Work
Control Panels are the heart of manufacturing sites. Learn how you can increase operational efficiency and experience cost savings with OMRON’s New Value in Panel Solutions.
▶ How Do You Locate A Faulty Sensor In A Big Production Plant?
Imagine a production plant with thousands of machines. Downtime due to one faulty sensor will be a nightmare for any maintenance engineer, with troubleshooting taking from hours to weeks. How can we quickly and easily identify the exact point of failure? Discover IO-Link, the future of communications at the sensor level.
reduce component stoppages due to component failures
▶ Overcome Packaging Machine Limitations In Detecting Subtle Differences In Glossy & Colorful Packaging
With increasingly consumer demands and competition, packaging materials and designs have become more diversified to attract consumers’ attention. This presents new challenges for the packaging industry, with the increasing need to accurately detect color marks on all sorts of materials in order to keep production plants running stably.
▶ How OMRON Traceability Solution Helps To Secure Your Data And Safeguard Your Consumer
Capable of tracing every step of the manufacturing process, specifically quality assurance and specification data, OMRON Traceability Solution prevents data loss with seamless tracking and tracing of data, that results in easier and lower maintenance that can be done remotely at the global level, ultimately reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
▶ SYSMAC: More Than Just An Automation Platform
Latest machine automation platform from OMRON with integration throughout - From Motion, Sequencing, Safety, Networking to Vision Inspection.