Efficient Management of Construction Equipment Rentals

Problems: Rental management of large equipment like construction equipment is often done by hand using a control ledger, but this results in considerable added work, such as entering the paper-based data into a personal computer for management. A more efficient and accurate system is desired. Because rental equipment is generally stored outdoors, it is necessary to use metal labels for bar code control, which raises costs. Use screws to mount an ID Tag directly to the construction equipment, and write the vehicle data and control number onto the ID Tag in advance. Each time the equipment is rented, add the customer data and rental period information to the ID Tag, and send this data to the control host. Install Antennas at the entrance/exit gates, then read the ID Tag data when a truck transporting the construction equipment passes through the gate, and send that information to the host for use in controlling all equipment that leaves the site. When the rental equipment is returned, read out the data from the ID Tag that is attached to the equipment as it passes through the gate, and simultaneously retrieve the rental information from the control host software. * The antenna conforms to IP62, and should be housed in a waterproof box. Consult your OMRON representative concerning the location for installing the Antenna when using a microwave-type RFID, because the signal sometimes reflects off of metal, or interferes with wireless LAN systems.