Transport and Control of Construction Materials

Problems: The transport of construction materials, such as gravel and cement, used at construction sites is managed with a forms control system, which makes it extremely laborious to compile data and process the forms for each contractor. Efficiency is also poor because the driver has to leave the truck to fill in the forms. Install an Antenna and display at the entrance gate to read data (contractor's name, driver's name, truck number) from ID Tags held by the drivers. Weigh the loaded truck, and write that data to the ID Tag. When the weighing is completed, the unloading station is shown on the display. After the driver unloads the materials at the specified station, he proceeds to the exit gate. There, the data on the ID Tag is read and the empty truck is weighed. The difference in the two weights (loaded and empty) is used to determine the weight of the load and a form with that information is automatically issued to the driver.