Warehouse Pallet Control

Problems: Products and components in the warehouse are stacked on pallets (for example, T11 pallets) and managed, but retrieving the specified pallets with a forklift takes too much time because the operators have to visually confirm each pallet, and the operators sometimes make mistakes. A better method is desired. The method of attaching labels, for example, with bar codes, to the pallets has been considered, but the workflow would be much more efficient if the desired pallet could be identified without the operators having to get off of the forklift each time. Attach an ID Tag to each pallet, and write the pallet number onto the ID Tag. Then install an Antenna on the forklift and connect it to a PLC or other control unit on the forklift. The operator can then drive to the pallet storage area by following either a work instruction sheet or wireless communications, confirm that the pallet number read by the Antenna contains the desired cargo, and load it onto the forklift (basic application method). By also writing product information in addition to the pallet number onto the ID Tag, the information that is read by the Antenna when the pallet is loaded onto the forklift can by sent to the host system by wireless communications to help managing distribution control data inside the warehouse.