Cargo Container Management

Problems: Containers are used for transporting a wide variety of cargo, and each time the cargo changes, someone has to issue a paper or plastic plate, mount it to the holder on the container, and visually check the contents for accuracy. This system is not very efficient. When using plates labeled with bar codes for this purpose, the labels get dirty or wet since the containers are used outdoors where they are affected by the climate. The bar codes can then no longer be read accurately, and the overall management lacks stability. Mount an ID Tag to the container holding the cargo, and install an Antenna near the loading and/or unloading locations. Information can then be written to and read from the ID tag mounted to the container. In addition to the basic container number, the ID Tag can also store the necessary cargo data, destination data, station data, date, courier name, contractor name, security data, and more. To provide even more thorough control of the cargo destination, Antennas can be installed at each point to be confirmed along the route and every branching location. The data can then be read as the cargo passes by to make sure that it is following the specified route correctly.