Standardizes and Improves the Operating Rate of Production Lines

Problem: When multiple automated lines are used for production, there is no simple way of standardizing and maximizing the production volume of each line. It is also difficult to determine the operating condition of each automated machine. In a production system where the work results and inspection results from the preceding process are used to determine which automated line the product will be sent to for the next process, control by the host computer is difficult, and errors are extremely troublesome to handle. Mount a Data Carrier (ID Tag) to each pallet, write the work data for the automated machine (automated machine number used, lot number, tool used, work program number, etc.), and use this to send the product and components to an available line. The instructions are read by each automated machine, and the work is done. The work start time and end time are written to the Data Carrier. For inspection processes, the inspection results are written together with the automated line number that should be used next, and the subsequent work is done at that automated line.