Beverage Can Transport Conveyors

Front/side mounting photoelectric sensors are used to detect aluminum cans in beverage packaging lines.

Related Products

BJ Series Universal Photoelectric Sensors
BGS Reflective Type BGS reflective type which reduces the influence of background objects by adopting background suppress function realizes more stable and upgraded sensing performance by minimizing error range regardless of materials and colors of sensing objects. Connector Type Cable outgoing connector types guarantee more convenient maintenance and wiring work than cable outgoing types and implement enhanced performance by realizing IP67 the excellent protection structure.
BH Series M18 Front & Side Mounting Sensors
The BH series photoelectric sensors are capable of front mounting using M18 nut and fastening cap or side mounting using M3 bolt screw and nuts. The flexible installation options allow easy application in various industrial settings. The sensors can produce individual or simultaneous NPN and PNP open collector outputs by simple wire configuration. The IP67 protection structure provides stable and error-free operation even in wet or dusty environments.
BH Series Induction Motors
Optimal for uni-directional and continuous operation these products are ideal for uni-directional continuous applications such as driving a conveyor. easy operation all you need is to connect a capacitor and plug the motor into an ac power supply, and the motor can be easily operated. (no capacitor is needed for a three-phase motor.) available to combine with various gearheads combination with a gearhead allows the motor to slow down to a required speed or generate higher torque.
BH Series Electromagnetic Brake Motors
Power off activated type electromagnetic brake equipped these motors are directly coupled to an ac electromagnetic brake which is a power off activated type. when the power source is turned off, the motor stops instantaneously and holds the load. ideal for applications in which the load is held this configuration is ideal for vertical operation applications in which the load must be held. compatible with gearheads or linear heads combination with a gearhead allows the motor to reduce to a required speed or generate higher torque. combination with a linear head allows the motor to convert rotation to linear motion with great ease.