Omron, V430-F Series
Auto Focus Multi Code Reader
Smallest in class* (*Fixed mount multi code readers with 1.2 Mpix or more. Based on omron investigation in March 2018.)

Easy to integrate

Application in automotive industry

V430-F Series Features 2

Application in digital industry

V430-F Series Features 3

Application in F&B/pharma industry

V430-F Series Features 4

Optional right angle connectors and right angle mirror for saving space

V430-F Series Features 5

Long life autofocus

Liquid lens for unlimited autofocus

Code readers using a mechanical focus mechanism generally break due to deterioration of the drive mechanism or motor when they perform autofocus tens of thousands of times. The V430-F Series, on the other hand, uses a liquid lens that does not need a drive mechanism or motor, providing unlimited autofocus and long life.

The liquid lens can flexibly change its focal length by applying voltage to change the internal oil and water shape. (a in down figure)
In addition, the V430-F Series precisely focuses on objects using the code search algorithm. (b in down figure)

V430-F Series Features 8

Continuous Autofocus

The code stays in focus even when the reading distance is changed

Easy troubleshooting

Quick troubleshooting from web browser

The V430-F Series has pre-installed software for setup. There is no software to install or update.
You can easily troubleshoot using a PC or tablet with the browser-based interface.

V430-F Series Features 11

*1. The tablet must be connected to a wireless LAN.

Easy replacement of dirty window

V430-F Series Features 13

Print Quality Grading function to avoid problems

This function enables an in-line check of the relative quality change and the parameter where the change occurred.

Applicable standards

ISO/IEC 15415
ISO/IEC 15416
(AIM DPM -1-2006) *2
ISO/IEC 16022 *2. Data Matrix only.

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