▶ Omron – Japan
One of the largest sensor and component companies in the industrial automation business with a reputation for quality. The only company whose offering spans the entire spectrum from relays and sensors to advanced PLCs, SCADA & IOT systems.
▶ Mitsubishi – Japan
Asia’s largest factory automation company. Mitsubishi is well known for their quality & advanced automation solutions with a focused offering of automation, motion control, CNC, robotics & low voltage switchgear products.
▶ Delta – Taiwan
Delta is one of the largest manufacturers of SMPS, OEM & ODM automation products. Delta is well known for their automation, motion control & power quality products. Delta is an ideal brand for small machines, OEMs & economical automation solutions.
▶ Autonics – Korea
Autonics is one of the fast growing companies in the automation industry. Autonics products are well known for their quality and competitive price points. Autonics’s offering is focused on sensors and control components.
▶ Inno - Singapore
Inno is a young company based out of Singapore. Inno’s focus is offering high quality products to the industry at affordable price levels. Inno’s product range is focused on sensors and controllers. Inno offers 2 year warranty.
▶ Panasonic – Japan
Panasonic is one of the market leaders in laser marking, clean room, ionizing & motion solutions. With the addition of SUNX sensors to their portfolio Panasonic now boasts of a broad line up of safety & optical sensing solutions as well.
▶ Novotechnik – Germany
Novotechnik is world renowned for its precision displacement sensors. This small privately held company focus’s solely on a single product, linear and rotary position transducers in contact and non-contact type.
▶ Oriental Motor – Japan
One of the oldest and largest manufacturers for miniature and geared motors for the automation industry. Oriental Motor follows a very strict quality policy which has resulted in class leading quality and very low replacement rates.
▶ Microscan - Japan
Microscan is America's leading industrial 1D & 2D barcode scanning & machine vision company with many industry first innovations. Microscan is the industry leader in autofocus liquid lens technology. Microscan is now a part of Omron Corporation.
▶ IPA – Bangalore
IPA is one of the oldest industrial weighing companies in India. IPA focuses on dynamic weighing applications for the material handling, coal, cement, power and other process industries. IPA is approved by most consultants in the industry.
▶ Technomech - Mumbai
United Technomech Engineers headquartered out of Mumbai is one of the oldest and reputed manufacturers of heavy duty electric linear actuators, gates and dampers for thermal, cement and other process industries.
▶ Intech – Chennai
Intech branded products are customized automation products and components for the automotive industry from Intech Systems Chennai Pvt Ltd. We will be able to offer customized products to suit the specific needs of the customer.
▶ Honeywell – USA
Honeywell is one of the largest manufacturers & market leaders in optical code reading & thermal printing solution that cater to a wide variety of industries from hospitality and retail to warehousing, automotive and manufacturing.