Control Components
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Wide range of Indicators, Meters and Controllers ranging from basic function type to fully featured PID & Ramp Soak type. Intech is your one stop solution for all your Indication & Control needs.
Slim Din-rail Timers
Complete Range of High Reliability, High Performance Din Rail Mounted 22.5mm & 17.5mm Slim Space Saving Analog Timers from Omron
A Wide Selection of High Performance & High Reliability Analog, Digital & Electromechanical Timers from Omron & Autonics that caters to All Industrial Applications
High Quality, Reliable Range of Digital Preset Counters from Omron & Autonics for Part Counting Application in all Industrial Applications
Preset Timer/ Counter/ Tacho
High Performance Digital Preset Counters with Timer & Tacho functionality & Advanced functions like Batchine, Pre-scalling, Totalizing & more to suit all Industrial Applications from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics
Totalizers & Loop Powered Counters
Long Life Indication Only Miniature LCD Loop/ Battery Powered & LED Time Totalizers, Tacho. & Loop Counters from Inno, Omron & Autonics
Daily/ Weekly/ Yearly Timers
Presenting a Wide Range of Digital Real Time Switches or Day, Week, Year Timers with Multiple Alarm & Output options for a wide range of Applications from Omron & Autonics
Temperature Controllers
A Wide Range of High Reliability General Purpose PID Temperature Controllers with for Packaging, Production and other Industrial Uses from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics
Advanced Temperature Controllers
Advanced Temperature PID Controllers from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics with Advanced Algorithims, Communication & Analog Outputs for Critical Applications
Multi Channel & Modular Temperature Controllers
High Reliability, Advanced Functionality Modular, Multi Channel & PLC Add on PID Temperature Controllers for Complex Applications from Omron, Delta & Autonics
Digital V/ A/ Hz/ Pulse Meter
High Quaity Panel Meters for Power Monitoring with Advanced Signal Processing from Inno, Omron & Autonics
Digital Panel Meters
Compact, High Reliability Digital Panel Meters for all Process Signals from Inno, Omron & Autonics. A Comprehensive & Feature Rich Line-up that covers most Industrial Requirements
Cam Positioners
Cam Positioners detect Angle of Rotation by use of Absolute Encoder and give Output to the Cam which can be Pre-defined in the Controller. Omron's Cam Positioners are best suited for Critical Cam Position Applications
Power Monitoring Components
Power Monitoring Equipment from Simple Portable Measurement to High Precision Monitoring Components, Power Leakage, Earth Leakage & Voltage Drop Monitoring from Inno, Omron, Mitsubishi & Delta
Chart & Digital Recorders
High Reliability, High Performance Process Recorders from Autonics. Available in Paper, Hybrid & Paperless Touch Screen Versions with Multi Channel High Speed Tracking & Logging
Measuring & Monitoring Relays
High Reliability Measuring & Monitoring Relays from Omron to Protect Industrial Equipments from Overcurrent, Overvoltages, Ground Leakages, Phase Loss/ Reversal & Other Faults
Sensor Controllers
High Reliability Sensor Controllers with Built-in AC to DC Power Supply and configfurable Relay Outputs for AC/ DC Sensors from Omron & Autonics
Isolated Signal Converters
Compact, Head Mounted & Din Rail Mounted Isolated Signal Converters for Process Values such as Temperature, Pressure, etc., from Inno & Autonics
Thyristor Power Controllers
Fast & High Precision Thyristor Based Power Controllers for Single & Three Phase Power Control Applications from Omron & Autonics
Floatless Level Controllers
High Sensitivity, Ultra Reliable Industry Grade Floatless or Conductive Level Controllers with Human Safe Operating Voltage (Shock-proof) from Inno & Omron
LED Production Displays
A Wide Variety of LED Display Modules in 7/ 8/ 16/ Dot Matrix Styles from Inno, Omron & Autonics. Available as Stand Alone Units or Intergrated Display Modules with RS-485/ Ethernet Communications