Switching & Accessories
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With the Strongest lineup of Relays, Switches & Power Supplies in the Industry and a robust range of complimentary Panel Accessories; Intech can be your one stop solution for all your Panel Building needs
PCB Relays
A Wide Variety of PCB Mountable General Purpose & Miniature Relays/ SSRs in One/ Two Changeover & high Switching Capacity of upto 16A from the Global Leader in Relays - Omron
General Purpose Relays
A Wide Range of High Reliability & Long Life General Purpose Relays for the Control Panel in Various Voltage & Changeover Options from Omron
Latching & Ratchet Relays
Special Relays from Omron for Latching, Ratchet (Alternate Transfer/ Switching Operations) & Stepping Relay Requirements
Power Relays
High Capacity Multi-pole Power Relays with High Power Ratings and Withstand Voltages from Omron. Ideally Suited for Motor, Compressor Applications which have High Braking Capacity
1-Ø & 3-Ø SSRs
High Switching Frequency Single & Three Phase Solid State Relays from Inno, Omron & Autonics for Demanding Applications where High Switching Speed is needed
Slim Relays & SSRs
Ultra Slim 6mm Non- bendable, Heavy Duty, Best in Class Relays & SSRs from Omron. Economical Slim Relays & SSRs from Inno
Relay/SSR & I/O Boards
High Quality I/O, Relay/ SSR Terminals Modules/ Relays Boards, Passive Boards & Cables that Simplifiy Wiring in Control Panels. A wide range of Products from Inno, Omron & Autonics
Basic & Miniature Switches
The Most Comprehensive Range of Miniature & Basic Switches with a Wealth of Actuators including Switch Assembly Modules, Micro/ Toggle/ Sealed Switches from Omron & Honeywell
Limit Switches
A Broad & Deep Line up of High Quality & Rugged Limit Switches with Class Leading Performance & Build Quality from Omron & Honeywell
Specialty Switches
Unique Switches for Special Applications from Omron & Honeywell. A Wide Collection of Touch Precision Switches, Hammer Blow Switches, Multi-pole Switches & Door Interlock Switches for Special Application Requirements
Pushbuttons & Indication Lamps
A Wide Range of High Quality, Long Life Pushbuttons, Switches, Lamps, E-Stop & Other Panel Accessories from Inno, Omron, Honeywell & Autonics
Accessories & Others
Thumbwheel Switches & Other Panel Accessories from Omron & Autonics
Economical & High Performance SMPS
Economical and Ultra High Reliability Switch Mode Power Supplies from Inno, Omron, Delta & Autonics with Best in Class Performance & Long Life for General Purpose Applications
Backup SMPS
High reliable Switch Mode Power Supplies from Inno, Omron and Delta with Backup and Buffer units for Mission Critical Requirements.
Bulb & LED Tower Lamps
High Quality, Long Life, Super Bright Tower Lights in LED & Bulb Type from Inno & Menics with Prizm Cut/ Diamond Lens for Improved Visibility
Signal Lights & Sirens
A Broad Lineup of Bulb, LED & Xenon Signal Lights (Revolving/ Turn Lights) & Sirens from Inno & Menics. Available in various Color Options in Base & Wall Mount
Analog/ Digital Sensor Testers
Presenting a line up of Digital Sensor Testers & Current Simulators from Inno & Omron to help in Portable Check of Field Sensors & Instruments
RTD, T/C & Connector Cables
A Broad Lineup of High Quality & Long Life Sensor Connector Cables, Sensor Distribution Boxes, Connectors, Temperature Sensors and more from Inno, Omron & Autonics