Safety, Vision and IDENT
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A strong product portfolio and application strength in Safety, Vision, RFID, Barcode & Laser Marking enables us to be the most popular Safety, Laser Marking and Advanced Vision Solution provider in the market today. Leave all your Safety, Vision & Ident problems to us for the best solution.
Single Beam Safety Sensors
Single Beam Safety Sensors from Omron & Panasonic for Small Areas and Complies with International Safety Standards
Type-II Safety Light Cutrains
Safety Light Curtain Sensors with upto 20m Sensing and 1.5 meter height for Hand & Body Protection with Type 2 Certification for non Critical Safety Applications from Inno, Omron & Panasonic
Type-IV Safety Light Curtains
Type 4 Safety Category 4 Light Curtains with SIL 3 for Critical Safety Applications with Finger, Arm & Hand Protection from Inno, Omron, Panasonic & Autonics. Available with a Sensing Range of upto 20m and 1.5 meter height with and without Muting function
Safety Scanners
Meet the worlds most Compact Safety Laser Scanner from Omron. With 270° Scanning, configurable Dual Warning & Safety Zones and a Range of 15 meters the Scanner is ideally suited for use in AGVs and Robot Work Areas
Safety Mat, Edges & Bumpers
Easy to Install Safety Mats, Edges & Bumpers with Advanced Features from Inno & Omron. Mats are intrinsically safe with confirmation to PLd Safety Category 3. Available various sizes with option for customized sizes
Pull Cord & Belt Sway Switches
Offering a Complete Range of Rugged Cable Pull, Pull Cord Switches that Confirm to all the Industry Standards for Safety from Inno, Omron & Honeywell. Also Rugged Belt Sway Switches from Intech for Outdoor Conveyor Uses
Safety Limit Switches
Rugged & Reliable Safety Limit, Emergency & Switches designed to be compliant to all Industrial Safety Standards. Omron & Honeywell give us a Comprehensive line up of Safety Switches
Safety Door Switches
The most Comprehensive Range of Safety Door Switches, Hinge Switches, Non Contact Door Switches from Omron, Panasonic & Autonics. Confirms to all Industrial Safety Standards
Enabling Grip Switch
A wide range of Tactile and Capacitive Safety Enabling Grip switches with ergonomic design and monentary or E-stop switches from Omron, Panasonic & Autonics
Force Guided Relays & Safety Controllers
Highly Reliable, Industry Leading Force Guided Safety Relays and Safety Controllers from Omron & Panasonic to properly complete a Safety Circuit connection to a PLC or Output Devices
Barcode Scanners & Verifiers
1D, 2D, DPM Barcode Readers, Scanners & Barcode Quality Verification Systems in Handheld, Handsfree, Fixed types for Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Hazardous, Healthcare Usage
Safety Remote I/O Slices
Safety can be achieved over a Distributed System at the Local Nodes without relying on the Main CPU and the associated cabling problems associated with it. Offering Omron's EtherCAT Safety I/O Slices with SIL 3 Certification for Safety in Remote Applicati
RFID Systems
Hi Band Compact General Purpose & Industrial, Medium & Long Range RFID systems with a wide range of Active Tags, Passive Labels, Fixed, Hand Held Readers & All-in Modules from Omron & Honeywell
Barcode & RFID Printers
Offering a wide Range of Industrial Bar Code & 2D Code Thermal Printers with Communication to PLCs and other Industrial Devices from Honeywell
Laser Markers
A Comprehensive lineup of FAYb Fiber and CO2 Laser markers to suit any marking application. Experience better Marking Clarity and reduced operation cost with Panasonic & Omron's range of Laser Marking Solutions
Compact Vision Cameras
Offerring Advanced Compact Vision Cameras from Omron, Panasonic & Autonics. A Compact, Integrated, Smart, All-in One Cameras with Lighting & Lens, Camera + Controller Package for Specific Applications
Advanced Vision Systems
Industry's Fastest Packaged Machine Vision Systems & PC Based Vision Systems from Omron. Best-in Class Image Sensing Speed & Precision, 4 Processing Cores & upto 8 Cameras with Simultaneous Processing, built-in Ethernet IP & EtherCAT
LED Vision Lighting
A Wide Variety of more than 200 Different Lights including Bar, Spot, Ring, Backlight, IR & UV Lights for Vision Sensing Lighting Requirements from Omron
Computing & Wearable Devices
Offering a complete range of Rugged Handheld & Wearable Computers, Tablets, Mobiles, HHTs for Barcode & Warehousing Applications from Honeywell
3D Dimension Measurement
A revolutionary technology in 3D Dimensioning. AutoCube is an Automatic Fixed Dimensioning Solution for Courier, Warehousing & Shipping Requirements with on the fly dimension & volume computation