Automation Systems
Simple Machine Automation to Complex Process and Total Factory Automation Solutions; All under One Roof. Presenting a wide array of Simple to Advanced Automation products to cater to all your Automation Requirements.
Text Panels & Basic HMIs
Monochrome, Color Touch Screen HMIs or Operator Terminals with Graphics, Alarms, Data Logging and Fieldbus Communication Capablities. Range starts from 3" upto 10" from Omron, Mitsubishi, Delta & Panasonic
Advance Function HMIs
Presenting High End HMIs & IIOT HMIs from Inno, Omron, Mitsubishi, Panasonic & Delta with Advanced Functionality and Exceptional Reliability. Choose from 3" to 21.5" Display Sizes and various Fieldbus Communication options
Industrial PCs
High performance Industrial PCs in Rackmount or Panel Touchscreen Configurations. Avaiable from Atom to i7 with best in Class Reliability and Performance. Available in various display sizes from Inno & Omron
Economical PLC + HMI
Compact PLC with integrated HMI, Devised for exceptional performance and hassle free functionality. Embedded with innumerable features, Equipped to address a wide range of industrial applications. Omron NSJ, Autonics LP, Mitsubishi GOC and Delta HMC are
Compact Modular PLCs
The fixed plc containd each and every component in a single unit that contains CPU,input/outputs sections and powersupply the number of inputs and outputs cannot be expanded. Delta DVP SX2, SX, SA, SA2, SS are avilable in our range
Block PLCs
Cost Effective, High Performance Compact Block PLCs for Small Machine Automation Requirements from Omron, Mitsubishi, Delta & Panasonic
Modular PLCs
Modular PLCs with Independent Power Supply, CPU and I/O Modules for Machine Automation Requirements from Omron, Mitsubishi, Delta & Panasonic
Multi- Axis Motion Control PLCs
Meet the Most Powerful Line-up of PLC based Motion Controllers in the Industry from Omron & Panasonic with upto 256 Axis Control in addition to a full compliment of Control Features
Industrial Ethernet Switches
Compact, Easy to Install, Industrial Grade Ethernet Switches
Industrial Fieldbus Modules
Industrial Fieldbus Converters for various communication protocol conversions. Available from Omron, Inno, Autonics & Delta
SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) softwares to help Control, Monitor, Record & Analyze your Machine or Factory. Available from 50 to 2000 Tags from Omron, Mitsubishi & Delta
Motion Controllers
Best in the Business, Offering Class Leading Flexibility and Accuracy for Complex and Precision Motion Control Applications. We are proud to present Delta-TAU range of Motion Controllers. Also presenting cost effective Multi-axis Controllers from Omron &