Motion & Power Solutions
The One Stop Solution Provider for all your Motion, Power Control and Robotic Requirements. Presenting a Complete Range of Motors, Drives, Robots and Precision Motion Controllers and Total Power Quality Solutions.
General Purpose Servo
Reliable AC Servo Motors & Drives that suits Most Common Applications. Avaiable in Slotted and Smoth Shaft types with various Fieldbus Communication options from Mitsubishi, Delta & Oriental Motor
High Performance Servo
High Performance AC Servo Motors & Drives for High Speed Demanding Applications. Available in Medium, High Inertia and Motor Configurations including Linear Motors from Omron, Mitsubishi & Delta
General Purpose VFDs
Reliable Variable Frequency Drives or Inverters with a proven Track Record for General Purpose VFD requirements from Omron, Mitsubishi & Delta
Heavy Duty VFDs
Advanced, High Performance Durable VFDs (Inverters) with Smart/ PLC functions and High Overload Rating designed for the Most Demanding Applicatons and Harsh Environments by Mitsubishi & Delta
CNC Controller
Advanced, High Speed, Reliable 64 bit Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNC) with Class Leading Performance and Easy to use Features and running standard G/M Code from Mitsubishi
SCARA Robots
High Speed, High Precision, Class Leading 4 Axis SCARA Robots with integrated Servo & Mechanical for Space Saving. Ideal for Pick & Place applications with upto 20KG Payload and Working Diameter of 1600mm from Omron | Adept, USA and Mitsubishi, Japan
Articulated Robots
Smart & Flexible Light 6 Axis Articulated Robots, ideal for Machine Assembly & Material Handling Applications from Omron | Adept, USA. Available in 5Kg Payload & 650 or 850mm Reach
Designed to work with both humans and machines, these robots are safe and transportable, with built-in vision and allows quick start-ups and rapid changeovers.