Motion & Power Solutions
The One Stop Solution Provider for all your Motion, Power Control and Robotic Requirements. Presenting a Complete Range of Motors, Drives, Robots and Precision Motion Controllers and Total Power Quality Solutions.
Brushless Motors
The highest standard in Brushless Speed Control Motors from Oriental Motor. High Efficiency, Continious Duty motors that set new standards in Brushless Motors
AC Geared Motors
Best in the Industry in terms of Size and Reliability, our Compact Constant Speed AC Geared Induction Motors from Oriental Motor, Japan are suitable for continious operation under adverse environmental conditions
AC Speed Control Motors
Experience One Class Higher Performance and Reliability with Oriental Motor AC Speed Control Motor Systems. Compact, High Performance and Long Life Motor and Drive Units
Stepper Motors
High Holding Torque, High Inertia, Low to Medium Speed, High Positioning Accuracy. If these are your requirements then you are looking for a Stepper Motor. Offering High Performance Stepper Motors from Oriental Motor & Autonics
Linear & Rotary Actuators
Advanced, High Accuracy, Zero Backlash Motorized Linear Actuators, Hollow Rotary Actuators and Linear Slides for Small Applications from Oriental Motor
General Purpose Servo
Reliable AC Servo Motors & Drives that suits Most Common Applications. Avaiable in Slotted and Smoth Shaft types with various Fieldbus Communication options from Mitsubishi, Delta & Oriental Motor