Safety, Vision and IDENT
A strong product portfolio and application strength in Safety, Vision, RFID, Barcode enables us to be the most popular Safety and Advanced Vision Solution provider in the market today. Leave all your Safety, Vision & Ident problems to us for the best solution.
Type-II Safety Light Cutrains
Safety Light Curtain Sensors with upto 20m Sensing and 1.5 meter height for Hand & Body Protection with Type 2 Certification for non Critical Safety Applications from Inno & Omron
Type-IV Safety Light Curtains
Type 4 Safety Category 4 Light Curtains with SIL 3 for Critical Safety Applications with Finger, Arm & Hand Protection from Inno & Omron. Available with a Sensing Range of upto 20m and 1.5 meter height with and without Muting functions
Safety Mat, Edges & Bumpers
Easy to Install Safety Mats, Edges & Bumpers with Advanced Features from Inno & Omron. Mats are intrinsically safe with confirmation to PLd Safety Category 3. Available various sizes with option for customized sizes
Pull Cord & Belt Sway Switches
Offering a Complete Range of Rugged Cable Pull, Pull Cord Switches that Confirm to all the Industry Standards for Safety from Inno, Omron & Honeywell. Also Rugged Belt Sway Switches from Intech for Outdoor Conveyor Uses
Compact Vision Cameras
Offering Advanced Compact Vision Cameras from Omron. A Compact, Integrated, Smart, All-in One Camera Series with built-in Camera, Lens, Lighting and Controller in one Package