Process Weighing
Cost- effective and Reliable Customised Weighing Solutions & Stand-alone weighing Products for all your Static & Dynamic Weighing needs. Our product portfolio is approved by all the major Consultants, EPC and Public Limited Companies.
Shear Beam Loadcells
A Wide Range of High Performance Loadcells in IP 68 Binocular, Single Ended & Double Shear Loadcells in 5 Kg to 10 Tonne Sensing Range for Industrial Applications from IPA
Compression Loadcells
General Purpose Compression Loadcells including Single/ Four Column & Ring Type Loadcells with IP 68 protection from 500 Kg to 250 Tonnes for Industrial Applications from IPA
Pan Cake Loadcells
Button Type, Pan Cake or Low Profile Compression Loadcells are for requirements where there is a Space Constraint. IPA's range of Pan Cake Loadcells from 500 Kg to 10 Tonnes
Tension Loadcells
A Wide Range of Rugged Loadcells for Tension & Compression Measurement Applications including Column Tension, Universal & Double S Loadcells in 10 Kg to 10 Tonne range from IPA
Rope Tension Loadcells
Rope Tension Loadcells are used to measure the Force being applied on Rope, typically in Crane & Lift for Overload Protection. Sensing Range from 3 to 15 Tonnes from IPA
Signal Conditioners
High Precision Field Mountable Signal Conditioners for Strain Gauge Sensors & Loadcells with 4-20mA Output from IPA
Vibration Monitoring Systems
Piezo Electric Vibration Sensors, Switches & Meters from IPA for measurement of Vibration Levels in Critical Machines enabling Safe Shutdown & Early Warning
Crane Weighing Systems
IPA offers Proven & Time Tested Solutions for Crane Weighing & Safety. Microcontroller based Crane Weighing Systems, Scales & Safety Devices that can be mounted on to existing Cranes
Lorry Weigh Bridge
IP68 Pit & Pit-less Heavy Duty Truck Weighing Systems designed to weather the Harsh Environment of Mines, Ports etc. with Remote Data Station & Communication Capabilities from IPA
Tank Weighing Systems
IPA's Tank/ Hopper/ Ladle/ Bin Weighing Systems offer Simple yet Rugged Weighing Solution for Industrial Tank Weighing Applications
Batching Systems
Rugged Solid & Liquid Weighing Batching Solutions from IPA with PLC Controlled Multi Output Batching Facility for High Speed Batching Operations
Online Beltweighers
Belt Scales or Weight-o-meter for Dynamic Weighing of Bulk Material Transported over Conveyors. IPA offers Rugged Industrial Belt Weighers with proven track record in the Cement, Power & Mining Industries
IPA Offers Proven & Reliable Microcontroller/ PLC based Weighfeeders, Screwfeeders & Loss in Weight Feeders with High Throughput & Accuracy of upto 1% F.S
Solid Flow Meters
Solid Flow Meters for Weight based Flow Control of Fine Solid Particles like Fly Ash, Cement, Etc., from IPA with High Accuracy and Serial Valve Control
Through Put Weighers
IPA's Rugged & Reliable Dual Hopper Through Put Feeders for Low Rate Material Flow Monitoring of Granular Flow Material
Bagging Systems
IPA's Bagging Machines & Jumbo Bagging Machines with options of Weigh & Dump or Direct Bagging with High Precision & Repeatibility