Inventory Control for Automated Warehouses

Problems: Linking warehouse inventory systems based on bar codes to other systems for picking, sorting, or another kinds of operation necessitates the creation of a network. This makes the overall system very complicated. Dirt on bar code labels attached to pallets can cause reading errors. Mount Data Carriers (ID Tags) to the pallets and store the pallet number and information about the contents of the pallet (e.g., component numbers, model numbers, and quantities) in the Data Carriers. In response to a storage instruction, read (automatically) all the information in the Data Carrier, and, after checking the contents, store the pallet in the specified rack, and record the rack number of the stored pallet in the host computer. In response to a delivery instruction from the host computer, take the pallet from the applicable rack, and after checking the pallet information, send the pallet to the picking or sorting process.