Enhances Automatic Control of AGVs

Problems: There are AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) and RGVs (Rail Guided Vehicles) that run while sensing magnetic tape attached to the floor. They must stop at stations to load or unload cargo, and control is required to ensure that they proceed in the correct direction at junctions. This kind of control can be performed with wireless devices and sensors but depending on the installation, positioning, and environmental conditions, the sensors used may not have sufficient detection accuracy. A way of allowing the system to be changed more simply is needed. Embed Data Carriers (ID Tags) in the stations and at junctions. Incorporate an Intelligent Flag in each vehicle and connect it to the PLC or (Control Board) already built into the vehicle to control vehicle motion. Write the station number or junction number in the Data Carriers as bit data (e.g., 00000001 for station 1 and 00000010 for station 2). Either program control information (e.g., stop, decelerate) for each station in the PLCs, or send control information to the PLCs when required using a wireless device. Motion control of the AGVs will be based on the data read by the Intelligent Flags.