Ballpoint Pen Manufacturing

AiSA series closed loop stepper motor system used for position control of industrial turntables during ballpoint pen manufacturing.

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AiSA Series  AC Type 2-Phase Closed Loop Stepper Motor System
The AiSA series AC type 2-phase closed loop stepper motor system can maintain higher torque during high speed drive compared to DC type motors. The motors also do not require separate power supplies, allowing more flexible installation options. The closed loop stepper motor system offers accurate and precise position control through feedback from the integrated encoder without the hassle of tuning and vibration of conventional servo motors. The encoder feedback provides information of the current position in reference to the input pulse with a high resolution of 10,000 pulses per revolution, allowing precise and accurate position control down to 0.036°. The series also features a 7-segment display for easy operation readings and various alarm functions for enhanced safety.