All New Arrivals

LCD Digital Timers
New and improved design for easier use, programming, maintenance and user feedback. The improved user interface is intuitive and offers better overall visibility. Replacement time notification function notifies the user of potential preventive maintenance.
Photomicro Sensors
The BS4 series photomicro sensors are available in 7 different shapes (K, L, R, T, TA, F, Y types) and built-in connector type, offering maximum flexibility for various user applications and installation settings. The sensors are designed to minimize errors occurring from foreign substances. The sensors offer high visibility with operation indicators viewable from multiple directions.
3D FAYb Laser Marker
Short-pulse fiber laser marker boasting high marking definition and sustainability to meet future needs
Remote I/O Boxes
The ADIO series remote I/O boxes transmit various input and output signals between master devices such as PCs or PLCs and secondary devices including sensors and actuators. The IO-Link master type ADIO-ILD can exchange signals from secondary devices (IO-Link, standard I/O) to industrial networking protocols (EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, PROFINET). The devices also offer enhanced durability with IP67 and IP69K protection rating.
Earth Fault Relay
Advanced Earth Fault and Earth Leakage Relays which can be used with Distribution Circuits in main LT Panels as well as for Machines/Motors etc.
Advanced Energy Meters
The DPM Series precisely measures various electrical energy and power parameters, including power factors, current, voltage and Active Power. DPM Series are compact digital power meter, equipped with customized 4 digits, 3 row alphanumeric display. This series also features a communication protocols for easy integration with critical power systems and monitoring functions to provide power data.
General Purpose Servos
The Standard Delta Servo System ASDA-B3 Series features high tolerance, stable operation and high precision motion control functions. It creates a highly efficient, user-friendly operation environment for equipment and optimizes production efficiency and output value.
U-shaped Magnetic Proximity Sensors
The MU series U-shaped magnetic proximity sensors feature 30 mm sensing distance and are available in cable/cable connector types. The sensors can be used with BUP series photoelectric sensors for precise position control of elevators.
Welding Robot
With large working space and fast running speed it is suitable for various welding applications.
Compact & Long Range Laser Distance Sensor
The laser distance sensor HG-F1 series features a lightweight and high-strength aluminum diecast case with a built-in TOF sensor module.The sensor unit boasts a compact and robust body and offers a long-range sensing capability.
IoT Gateway Solution
An end-to-end IoT Gateway solution that enables smart manufacturing by improving efficiency, productivity, traceability, documentation, quality of products and services with increased customer satisfaction.
Advanced Motor Condition Monitoring Device
The K7DD advanced motor condition monitoring device makes it possible to identify failure modes and defect parts of motor equipment while rapidly translating power quality such as motor current and voltage into data. This enables scheduled maintenance activities with real-time condition monitoring of motors that frequently change speed, which were difficult to identify abnormalities so far.