Mitsubishi, MELFA CRH Series
Compact Industrial SCARA
Compact Industrial Robot with light weight space saving arm. Its high speed operation is best suited for pick and place, labelling, tracking

Compact arm for space saving and Light weight robot arm

RH-CRH series

  •  Compact arm for space saving
    (Maximum height RH-3CRH:500mm/RH-6CRH:520mm)
  •  Light weight robot arms
  •  Maximum load capacity:3kg,6kg
  •  Controller types: Standalone controller (CR800-D controller)

Please refer to the "Catalog" or the "Manuals" for RH-CRH series.

High-speed operation and high performance for productivity

  •  Standard specifications: 32 input points and 32 output points.
    In addition to the robot axes, up to eight additional axes can be controlled.
  •  The tracking function is supported as standard.
  •  CC-Link IE Field Basic as standard.

Intelligent functions supported by MELFA Smart Plus

The function expansion option named "MELFA Smart Plus" is available with MELFA RH-CRH series.
"MELFA Smart Plus" further broaden the range of possibilities of the MELFA RH-CRH series, offering performance beyond your expectations

Significantly reducing the startup time at worksites where robots are installed

The controller has been changed from CR751 to CR800.
The memory function mounted on the internal circuit board eliminated the need to input origin data at startup.


CRH series applications

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