FQ-M Series
Smart Cameras
FQ-M Series
Designed for motion tracking

Smart camera to guide your robot!

The new FQ-M series is a vision sensor designed specifically for Pick & Place applications. It comes with EtherCAT embedded and can be integrated easily into any environment. The FQ-M is compact, fast and includes an incremental encoder input for easy tracking calibration.
Omron's Sysmac Studio software is the perfect tool for configuring the FQ-M and is complemented by the TouchFinder console for on-site monitoring.

FQ-M Series Features 1

Easy set-up & integration

With intelligent wizards for calibration and communication integration into your machine is easier than ever. The FQ-M communicates with all devices via EtherCAT, or standard Ethernet. The communication wizard lets you easily configure any robot protocol both as a server or as a client without complex programming.

Fast detection & high stability

The FQ-M can detect up to 32 pieces at once and more than 5000 pieces per minute. The new contour based search algorithm ensures the highest reliability.

"On-the-fly" tracking

Synchronized control is even easier, because the FQ-M vision sensor has an in-built encoder input for accurate conveyor tracking and easy calibration. The FQ-M is able to output position coordinates and the correlative encoder values and is able to manage the object queue, so that no object's coordinates are duplicated.

Easy set-up & integration with motion

FQ-M Series Features 6

Programable out put format for your pick & place robot

Configuration as a server or as a client without complex programming.

FQ-M Series Features 7

Sysmac Studio for fast configuration

The Vision Editor of the Sysmac Studio software will help you to program the optimum vision setting. Intuitive and icon driven set-up and configuration.

FQ-M Series Features 8

TouchFinder for monitoring on-site

With the intuitive TouchFinder console - which fits in the palm of your hand - you can access all functions and settings quickly and easily.

Fast detection and high stability

The new contour based search algorithm offers unique performance for pick & place applications.
Changing lighting conditions, reflection, object inclination or partially hidden objects are no longer a problem. The FQ-M delivers a stable result even at high speed, no matter how many objects have to be detected at the same time.

Best in class performance

FQ-M Series Features 11

High-speed processing
5000 pcs/min with 360° detection.

FQ-M Series Features 12

Only 15 ms time difference, detecting 10 objects or 30 objects at once.

FQ-M Series Features 13

Stable and reliable detection, even if objects are overlapped or partially hidden.

FQ-M Series Features 14

Changing light conditions have no influence on the position accuracy.

Encoder input for simplified calibration & tracking

FQ-M Series Features 15

Panorama view - Parameter setting for ideal object detection

A panoramic view can be created from 3 different images, allowing easy parameter optimisation.

FQ-M Series Features 17

Objects that overlap within more than one field of view are segregated and only inserted in the picking queue once.

FQ-M Series Features 19

First shot

The position and orientation of objects 1, 2 and 3 is detected and added to the picking queue.

FQ-M Series Features 20

Next shot

Object 2, 3 and 4 are detected, but only the data of object 4 is evaluated. Position and orientation of objects 2 and 3 is ignored because they were already added to the queue with the shot before.

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