Omron, CK3E Series
Programmable Multi Axis Controllers
CK3E Series
A controller with a width of only 28.6 mm provides complete control

CK3E Features 1

High-speed multi-axis control
· Up to 32 axes of control
· Motion control period: 250 μs or more

CK3E Features 2

· CAD/CAM for easy motion control
· Flexible function development capability enables high-precision curve machining

CK3E Features 3

Saving space & wiring
· Footprint reduced to 1/4 (Based on Omron investigation)
· EtherCAT for flexible system configuration

One of omron's aims is to help manufacturers build High-speed advanced motion control systems at a low cost

In order to achieve this, omron and Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. are working together as one omron Group to improve sophisticated Motion control and programmable logic control systems. These are the systems that are required for the next generation's automation systems around the world.
By combining global leading Delta Tau Data Systems' Motion control technologies, omron ILO+S (input, logic, output, and safety) control technologies can open up new applications and solutions.
The CK3E is a controller designed for precise multi-axis control.
You can build a system capable of controlling up to 32 axes of motion and incorporate customized control algorithms into the system.
The CK3E allows you to program in C language and reuse existing software assets.
The compact design saves space in machines and control panels. EtherCAT® connects servo drives, I/O, and other devices to the CK3E, reducing the number of cables.

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