Omron, F3SR-B Series
Robust Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
F3SR-B Series
For safety light curtain robust & basic new lineup. understanding the indicators at a glance.

F3SR-B Features 1

Ease of Use
Three intuitively recognizable indicators

Easy Beam Alignment

(World's First)
Large-size top/bottom-beam-state indicators (high intensity white LED) allows coarse adjustment.

* Research as of August 2009

F3SR-B Features 3

(1) Adjust beam position until the TOP top-beam-state indicator turns ON.
(2) Adjust beam position until the BTM (Bottom-beam-state indicator) turns ON.
(3) Coarse adjustment of the beam complete when the TOP and BTM indicators turn ON.

F3SR-B Features 4

Sensitive fine-adjustment by way of a photoelectric sensor is made using the stable-state indicator. (Green LED)

(4) Perform fine adjustment until the STB (Stable-state indicator) turns ON.
(5) Fine adjustment of the beam completes when the stable-state indicator turns ON.

F3SR-B Features 6

New accessories for clean installation

F3SR-B Features 7

Easy Maintenance

Intuitively recognizable error indicators

Users can easily recognize an error from simply seeing a blinking LED.

F3SR-B Features 10

*For details on errors, refer to Data Sheet.

Easy Safety Distance Design

Response time of 15 ms fixed for all models

Calculation of the safety distances is now simple.

F3SR-B Features 13

Robust and Reliable
Can be used in severe work environments.

Thick, impact-resistant body housing

F3SR-B Features 14

The F3SR-B inherited MS4800's established robust, break-proof body housing structure.

IP67 degree of protection increases resistance to the environment.

F3SR-B Features 15

IP67 degree of protection.
NBR rubber is used for sealing.

F3SR-B Features 16

Long Distance Detection
Up to 20 meters of operating range

F3SR-B Features 17

Operating Range is selected by a simple wiring configuration.

Two range settings: long distance (5 to 20 m) and short distance (0.3 to 7 m).
Switching of operating range can be easily set with a single input line (operating range select input).
This saves the work time for switching.

Cable installation can be as long as 100m.

It covers a wider range of applications with its easy wiring design.

F3SR-B Features 20

Usable Reliability in One Package

Reliability with a power supply range of 24 VDC ±20%

The F3SR-B resists momentary power interruptions and voltage drops, for reliable application.

Resistant to mutual interference

F3SR-B inherited F3SJ's highly reliable interference protection algorithm, capable of preventing mutual interference on up to three sets.

Authenticated under major safety standards including ISO 13849-1 and PLe.

Authenticated under major safety standards including European standards.

F3SR-B Features 23

Dependable support with global network

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