Autonics, LSC Series
2D 270° Laser Scanners
LSC Series
The LiDAR sensors LSC series feature 270° detection angle and up to 25 m detection distance to accurately detect object presence. The scanners offer 16 field sets and teaching function for flexible installation and Ethernet / Bluetooth communication allows easy configuration with PC and mobile application. The ROS (Robot Operation System) driver is also supported for SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) function of AGV/AMR.

※ Bluetooth model availability may differ by country.

  • Wide range detection area : 270° detection angle, 25 m detection distance
  • Number of field sets : 16 (1 set : consists of 3 subfields)
  • Various filter function for accurate detection
  • Compact size for flexible installation (L60 x W60 x H86mm)
  • Ethernet and Bluetooth communication
    * Bluetooth model availability may differ by country
  • Dedicated software atLiDAR provided for PC and Android devices
    * Android software is supported for Bluetooth models only
  • ROS, API supported
  • Sold separately
    - Ethernet cables (C18-2R-A, C18-5R-A, C18-10R-A, C48-2R-A. C48-5R-A. C48-10R-A)
    - Power I/O cables (CID-2-VG, CID-5-VG, CID-10-VG, CLD-2-VG, CLD-5-VG, CLD-10-VG)
LSC Series Feature

270° Detection Angle, 25 m Detection Distance

The LSC series laser scanners offer wide range detection area with horizontal 270° detection angle and up to 25 m detection distance.

Flexible Field Configuration

The laser scanners can set 16 types of field sets with 4 input types. Each field set consists of 3 sub-fields and each sub-field are individually connected to outputs.

Auto Set Detection Area with Teaching Function

Users can use the teaching function to automatically set optimal detection area. This function can be operated also with dedicated software and other input signals.

Easy Parameter Setting with Mobile Application

The LSC series offer Bluetooth communication for parameter setting with mobile (Android) devices. 

* Bluetooth model availability may differ by country.

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