Omron, ZN-PD-S Series
Air Particle Sensors
ZN-PD-S Series
Dust fallout and airborne particles detract from product quality. Continuously monitor these two factors to minimize their effects.

Dust fallout and airborne particles detract from product quality.
Continuously monitor these two factors to minimize their effects.

ZN-PD-S Features 1

Airborne particles and dust fallout are not correlated due to differences in their behavior.
Therefore, it is necessary to measure both of them separately and accurately.
Putting the particle type on the wall of the room, and the dust type in the vicinity of product processing equipment, is recommended.

ZN-PD-S Features 2

[Particle measurement type]
Highly accurate measurement comparable to particle counters

ZN-PD-S Features 3

A high power suction fan and the internal structure designed to rectify airflow ensure a suction rate of 2.83 ℓ/min .*1 Accuracy is close to purpose-specific particle counters thanks to laser optics design technology that Omron has cultivated with high precision displacement sensors .*2

Particles are counted by irradiating the incoming airflow with a laser and detecting the scattering light from the particles.
*1. Suction rate detected by particle measuring sensor.
      Suction rate for dust measuring sensors is 6.0 ℓ/min.
*2. Use the Sensor in a class 1,000 or higher environment.
      The influence of measurement error will be too large in a class 100 or
      lower environment. To manage absolute quantities, use a particle
      counter (a measuring instrument), and use the Sensor to monitor trends.

[Dust measurement type]
One unit for measuring dust fallout and identifying dust sources

ZN-PD-S Features 4

Funnel-shaped intake and powerful suction fan efficiently capture falling dust. Large diameter dust is trapped by a built-in filter. Moreover, trapped dust can be collected using two-sided tape attached inside of the pull-out trap box. The dust can then be analyzed under microscope to identify the source.
* The larger the size, the more dust it traps.
    Some types of dust may penetrate the trap box.

Compact design and reduced maintenance costs

ZN-PD-S Features 5

The Sensor is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to mount on a wall or other convenient locations. Maintenance costs are also reduced because the product does not use an external pump that would normally require frequent replacement.

Wide range of interfaces allow for extension

ZN-PD-S Features 6

Inputs and outputs include trigger input, alarm output x 2, and error output, which can be used for a variety of purposes including dust level setting, alarm output, timed measurement, and so forth.

Triggers can be input to initiate monitoring when necessary and alarms can be output at desired control levels.

Integrated airborne particle sensor and thermo-humidity sensor also available. Achieve your ideal temperature and humidity measurement.

ZN-PD-S Features 7

Temperature, humidity and simple dew point can be easily displayed when connected to an Air Particle Sensor*. And, the unit delivers the highest class of sensing performance. You will benefit from wide measurement ranges and highly accurate humidity measuring.

* There are limitations on the particle sensors that can be connected to the Air Thermo Sensor. Please refer to the
    “Specifications/Performance” information.
    The dew point can be handily calculated by using the measured values for temperature and humidity.

Calibration service also available

ZN-PD-S Features 8

A Certificate of Calibration can be issued upon request. (It is necessary to ship the product back to OMRON.)
To obtain a Certificate of Calibration at time of purchase, please select a type that includes a Certificate of Calibration.
* When a ZN-PD[][]-S-series particle sensor is received for the calibration service, parts with a limited service life will be replaced and adjusted before the sensor is returned.
  However, it may be determined that the sensor is not repairable due to internal contamination, board corrosion, or other reasons.
  If inspection shows that the sensor is not repairable, only a certificate for the inspection results will be issued.
  (The same fee as for repairs will apply.)

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