Omron, H5CC Series
LCD Digital Timers
H5CC Series
New and improved design for easier use, programming, maintenance and user feedback. The improved user interface is intuitive and offers better overall visibility. Replacement time notification function notifies the user of potential preventive maintenance.

New and improved design for easier use, setting and maintenace

The H5CC series improves overall user experience through better visual feedback and operation, user interface and predictive remaining lifetime of timer.


The improved user interface is intuitive and offers better overall visibility

H5CC Features 2


Intuitive LED user-interface guide

H5CC Features 3


Optimized wiring design

Power supply and input have been isolated, eliminating special considerations for grounding or leakage current.
(except H5CC-A11F)

H5CC Features 4


Replacement time notification function notifies the user of potential preventive maintenance

[From] Have you ever looked at a timer to find that it has stopping functioning properly?

When a timer’s service life expires, there are multiple ways it can potentially fail. For example, it may stop suddenly or become incapable of performing certain control functions.
Preventative maintenance to avoid such mechanical failures or identifying the cause when such a failure occurs, may require a significant effort and time.


[To] Prevents unexpected downtime by communicating device replacement timing

When an H5CC Series timer reaches its replacement time, it will visually notify the user via its display by flashing the present value and “RPLC” alternately in one second intervals.

H5CC Features 7


Tool for easily calculating counter replacement time

The rate at which an electrolytic capacitor deteriorates varies according to its use environment. Omron offers a tool that allows you to easily calculate your H5CC timer’s replacement time, according to the conditions your using it in.


Control devices, including timers, have a limited service life

Each timer has its limited service life.
The standard service life of a relay output contact is 100,000 operations. Factoring in the deterioration of the built-in electrolytic capacitors, Omron recommends that a timer be replaced approximately every 7 to 10 years depending on environment. A timer that is used beyond its service life may fail, potentially emitting smoke or odor.

H5CC Features 9

*1. Compared with the previous products
*2. The AC power supply ground is on the commercial power supply side.

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