Autonics, LP-S070
7-Inch Widescreen Color LCD Logic Panels
LP-S070 Series
The LP-S070 series logic panels are all-in-one devices featuring functions of HMI, PLC, and I/O modules. The logic panels feature 7-inch widescreen color LCD displays with touchscreen function. The units can control and monitor various devices connected via communication ports. 16 input and 16 output contact points are provided. Logic programming memory supports up to 8,000 steps with built-in 16 MB screen editor memory. Data logger function allows data storing and backup from control devices. Users can also monitor multiple addresses and channels simultaneously. Extensive image library is provided along with support for various fonts, printer, and bar code readers.

  • All-in-one device including functions of HMI + PLC + I/O Module
  • 7-inch widescreen true color analog touchscreen display
  • Standard I/O : 16 input points, 16 output points
  • Supports various devices
    - Auxiliary device word size: 10,000 / data device word size: 10,000 / etc.
  • High capacity internal memory
    - program memory: 8,000 steps / screen editor memory: 16 MB
  • Position control function: simultaneous 2-point output of 100 kHz pulses
  • Data logger function: store and backup data from control devices
  • Extensive image library provided
  • Monitor multiple addresses and multiple channels simultaneously
  • Various communication ports
    - Two RS232C communication ports or RS232C/RS422 communication ports
    *Expandable up to 31 addresses and 64 points per address with Autonics ARM series
  • Various fonts supported: Windows TrueType fonts, bitmap fonts
  • Device monitoring: control and monitor various devices connected via communication ports
  • Printer and bar code reader support: print alarm history, read bar codes
  • Software updates provided via website:
    (1) LP firmware
    (2) GP Editor (screen editor)
    (3) atLogic (Logic Program Software)
    (4) Additional protocols
    (5) Language packs, fonts, etc.

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