Autonics, PSQ Series
Dual Display Air Pressure Sensors
PSQ Series
The PSQ series dual digital display pressure sensors can simultaneously display PV and SV for easier status readings. The 12-segment LCD display is capable of displaying various alphanumeric characters for clear identification, and the main (PV) display can be displayed in 3 different colors depending on status or configuration. Installation and configuration of multiple sensors is made easy with the copy parameter settings function and users can switch between NPN and PNP open collector output options through parameter configuration settings.

• Pressure measurement of any gas, liquid or oil (except substances which may corrode stainless steel 316L) [fluid type]

• Dual display for simultaneous display of process value (PV) and setpoint value (SV)

• Secondary (SV) display: setpoint value, pressure unit, or display-OFF

• Switch between NPN and PNP open collector output via parameter configuration

• 3-color main (PV) display (RUN mode: green/red, parameter setting mode: orange)

• 12-segment LCD display capable of diverse alphanumeric characters

• Measurement range: -100.0 to 100.0 kPa / -100 to 1000 kPa (Pneumatic type: compound pressure, Fluid type: sealed gauge pressure)

• Analog output: voltage (1-5 VDC), current (DC 4-20 mA)

• Copy parameter settings function

• External input: Auto-Shift, Remote, Hold (PSQ-□C□□U-□ models only)

• Forced output control mode for device testing and inspection

• Display resolution: 0.1 kPa / 1 kPa (by model)

• One-touch connector type for easy wiring and maintenance

•Password lock for parameter configuration settings

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