Autonics, PSS Series
Compact Blind Pressure Sensors
PSS Series
The PSS series analog pressure sensors feature rectangular design with compact sizes (W 11.8 mm x H 29.3 mm x L 24.8 mm, including pressure port). The sensors are capable of analog voltage or analog current outputs (depending on model) and can be connected directly to HMIs, PC, and PLCs from various brands. With a wide rated pressure range, the PSS sensors can be applied across various applications.

• Rated pressure: negative pressure (0 kPa to -101.3 kPa)

• positive pressure (0 kPa to 100.0 kPa / 0 kPa to 1000 kPa)

• compound pressure (-101.3 kPa to 100 kPa)

• Compact design: W 11.8 mm x H 29.3 mm x D 24.8 mm (with pressure port)

• Output: analog voltage (1-5 VDC) / analog current (DC 4-20 mA)

• Power supply: 12-24 VDC ±10%


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