Autonics, SF2ER Series
Emergency Stop Button Switches
SF2ER Series
The SF2ER series emergency stop button switches are used to stop operation of machines during emergency situations.

  • Easy installation and removal of contact blocks using levers
  • Install up to 3 contact blocks on a single switch
  • Compatible with O type and Y type terminals (patent*)
  • Oil-resistant IP65 protection structure
  • Direct opening mechanism allows interruption of circuit flow to prevent errors such as contact welding
  • Various accessories available
    : Guard ring to protect switch from accidental operation by users (SEM-S2)
    : Ø60/Ø90 name plates
    : Radial support
  • Certifications
    : EN 60947-5-1
    : EN ISO 13850
    : UL 508
    : S-Mark
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    Direct Opening Mechanism to Prevent Contact Welding

    The direct opening mechanism allows users to manually detach contacts to prevent contact welding. (EN-60947-5-1)


    Various Accessories Available

    Guard rings, radial support, and other accessories are available to prevent misuse or malfunction of switches.
    : Guard ring to protect switch from accidental operation by users (SEM-S2)
    : Ø60/Ø90 name plates, radial support


    EMO/EMS Buttons

    Button head markings are available so that users can select whether to stop operation entirely or partially depending on the situation.
    : EMO (Emergency Machine Off) = stop main power supply
    : EMS (Emergency Machine Stop) = stop power supply of dangerous operations


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