Panasonic, PM-25 Series
U-shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensor
PM-25 Series
Ultra small U shaped cable type micro photoelectric sensors which are very easy to mount.

Sensor unit complies with ISO 13849-1*1 Category 1 PLc*2NEW

A Category 3 PLd Safety System can be built by using Category 4 PLe compliant controllers together with our sensors
*1 Safety-related parts of control systems, Part 1: General principles for design
*2 Conformed from December 2021 production.

■ Category 3, PLd construction example

Category 3, PLd construction example

[Precautions when using as Category 3 PLd]
Sensor redundancy is required!
Observe the following when connecting to the safety controller.
・In the case the product is used in a standalone state, the safety system may not operate properly when a sensor malfunction occurs.
・Do not use the two outputs from PM-25/45 series unit for achieving the redundancy (duplication) of safety circuit.

The product cannot be used for human body detection.

■ Application examples

[Required conditions]

1. The source of hazards is located inside the machine and may cause hazards to nearby people.
2. The equipment is classified as Category 3 PLd or lower.
3. The source of hazards is isolated only by the automatic door.

* The product can be used safely when all of the above conditions 1 through 3 are satisfied!

* There are cases where you can use it under other conditions.

Application examples
* Be sure to read the Cautions For Use when using for safety applications.

Three protection circuits standard on all models

All models are standardly equipped with the following protection circuits in their compact bodies. These protection circuits minimize the possibility of sensor malfunctions caused by erroneous wiring.
①.Reverse supply polarity protection circuit
②.Reverse output polarity protection circuit
③.Output short-circuit protection circuit

Industry’s first! IP64 rating

*As of April 2017, in-company survey.

Our original integrated molding method has eliminated grooves and gaps on the sensing surface and main body, thus reducing the possibility of malfunctions caused by splashing water or dust.

Industry’s first! IP64 rating
Note : The above image is PM-L45.

Ample beam emitting / receiving distance of 6 mm 0.236 in

The beam emitting and receiving sections are 0.5 mm 0.02 in thinner than those on our conventional models while their external dimensions are the same. As a result, the distance between the beam emitting point and receiving point increased by 1 mm 0.039 in. The wider distance means less possibility of collision between the sensing section and sensing object.

Ample beam emitting / receiving distance of 6 mm 0.236 in
(Unit: mm in)
Note : The above image is PM-K45.

Beam marks for easy adjustment

The upper-limit and lower-limit positions of beam can be visually confirmed from the front, back, right and left sides of the sensor unit. This allows easy adjustment of the position of sensing object.

Beam marks for easy adjustment
Note : The above image is PM-K45.

Large and easy to see
Multi-angle operation indicator

The large operation indicator (orange) lights up when the beam enters. The indicator is easy to see from above and from the sides.

All models easy to mount with M3 screws

  The sensor unit can be installed with M2 or M3 screws.
  (M2 screws, M3 screws and washers are not included.)
  ■Models requiring one M2 or M3 screw for installation : PM-F25, PM-R25
  ■Models requiring two M2 or M3 screws for installation : Models other than above

Resistant to vibrations and impacts

The sections where stress concentrates, such as the connecting section of the cable and internal circuit, are covered with a resin. This helps prevent malfunctions caused by vibrations and impacts.

Resistant to vibrations and impacts

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