Omron, V500-R2 Series
Laser-type Bar Code Readers
V500-R2 Series
The world™s smallest bar code reader that fits essentially anywhere. *According to OMRON investigation

The World’s Smallest Bar Code Reader That Fits Essentially Anywhere

*According to OMRON investigation in January 2013.

Laser-type Bar Code Reader
V500-R2 Series

V500-R2 Features 2

High-speed Reading at 1,000 Scans/Second

A high-speed motor and new algorithm gives surprising performance for the size to achieve stable reading even in high-speed takt machines of around 66,000 items/hour.

V500-R2 Features 3

Enables Reading Imperfect Codes

Even though it is small, the V500-R2 with its new algorithm is adept at reading even the most imperfect codes. Raster scanning enables reading Bar Codes even if they are partially dirty or missing.

Resists Ambient Light Interference

Operation is possible with ambient illumination of up to 80,000 lx (sunlight), so the Code Reader can stably read even near Photoelectric Sensors with little influence from ambient light.

V500-R2 Features 5

Long Range Up to 270 mm

The wide reading distance from 60 to 270 mm lets you handle variations in conveying and workpiece height without changing the installation.

V500-R2 Features 6

Reading Test Switch Provided

Just press the Scan button on the Reader to perform a read test. The results are provided with the Read OK indicator and buzzer. We achieved an operation that is simple enough for essentially anyone to increase mounting efficiency.

V500-R2 Features 7

Minimum Readable Narrow Bar Width: 0.15 mm

Reading is even possible for Bar Codes with narrow bars of 0.15 mm.

V500-R2 Features 8

GS1-Databar (RSS) Supported

The data-rich GS1-Databar (RSS code) Bar Codes can also be read.

V500-R2 Features 9

Verification with Master Data

You can verify character strings to see if they match preset master data without a special device.

V500-R2 Features 10

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