Autonics, SFDL Series
Safety Door Lock Switches
SFDL Series
The SFDL series safety door lock switches can detect opening and closing of doors in machines, and also keep the door locked during potentially dangerous operation. The head can be rotated to change the insert direction of the operation key from 5 directions, with 6 available operation key types. Also, the door switches are available in terminal type and connector type models and the release keys are available in cross type and special types, making it easier for installation in diverse application settings.

  • Head unit can be rotated to change insert direction of operation key
    : Operation key can be inserted from 5 directions (top/sides)
  • Various contact types
    : 4-contact (connected), 4-contact (not connected), 5-contact, 6-contact
  • Connector type (easy installation) and terminal type (easy maintenance) available
  • Manual unlock function (release key) for emergency and testing
    : Standard (cross) type and special type release keys available
  • Minimized solenoid heat with stable current supply
  • High durability with metallic head
  • Various applications with slide key unit accessory
  • Certifications
    : IEC/EN 60947-5-1
    : EN ISO 14119
    : GS-ET-19
    : UL 508
    : S-Mark
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    Terminal Type and Connector Types Available

    Connector type and terminal type models are available, making it easier for installation in diverse application settings.


    Insert Operation Key from 5 Directions

    The head unit can be rotated to change the insert direction of operation keys as needed.


    Various Operation Keys Available

    Users can choose from 6 different operation keys as needed. (SFD/SFDL)


    Release Keys Available

    Release keys can be used to unlock the device during power outages or emergency. Standard cross type and special type release keys are available.


    Accessory: Slide Key Unit

    Slide key unit accessory can be used to prevent personnel from being locked inside fences when using safety door lock switches.


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