Autonics, SFD Series
Safety Door Switches
SFD Series
The SFD series safety door switches can detect opening and closing of doors in machines. The head can be rotated to change the insert direction of the operation key from 5 directions, with 6 available operation key types. Also, the door switches are available in terminal type and connector type models, making it easier for installation in diverse application settings.

  • Head unit can be rotated to change insert direction of operation key
    : Operation key can be inserted from 5 directions (top/sides)
  • Various contact types
    : 1 N.C. + 1 N.O., 2 N.C., 2 N.C. + 1 N.O., 3 N.C.
  • Connector type (easy installation) and terminal type (easy maintenance) available
  • Metal or plastic head types available
  • Certifications
    : IEC/EN 60947-5-1
    : EN ISO 14119
    : GS-ET-19
    : UL 508
    : S-Mark
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    Terminal Type and Connector Types Available

    The head unit can be rotated to change the insert direction of operation keys as needed.


    Insert Operation Key from 5 Directions

    Movement average, differential, and median filters allow for accurate and stable correction in measurement values in the event of sudden changes from mechanical noise or other variables.


    Various Operation Keys Available

    Users can choose from 6 different operation keys as needed. (SFD/SFDL)


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