Omron, D4JL, D4JL-SK40 Series
Guard Lock Safety-door Switch/Slide key
D4JL, D4JL-SK40 Series
Holding force of 3000 N

Plastic Guard Lock Safety-door Switches Holding Force of 3,000 N

Suitable for large, heavy doors.

D4JL, D4JL-SK40 Features 1 D4JL_Features1

Wide variations to protect workers who enter hazardous areas.

Models with Trapped Keys (mechanical lock models only)
As long as a person has the trapped key when he enters a hazardous area, he does not have to worry about somebody locking the door and trapping him inside.
The door can be opened only by supplying power to the solenoid and then turning the trapped key to unlock the D4JL.
There are thirty different types of trapped keys available for use in applications with adjacent hazardous areas.

D4JL, D4JL-SK40 Features 3 D4JL_Features3

Models with Rear Release Buttons
A rear release button allows the door to be unlocked from inside a hazardous area in an emergency.

D4JL, D4JL-SK40 Features 4 D4JL_Features2

Special Slide Key
A special Slide Key shortens the lead time for mounting design.
The padlock that can be attached to the disable-prevention cover prevents other workers from restarting machines.
(See Data Sheet for details)

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